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A law for « the access of everyone to everything »

On the 11th of February 2005 in France a law was passed on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled.

This law stated that the principle of accessibility is general regardless of the type of disability and that in 2015 in France all public places must be accessible.

People with mental disabilities are not second class disabled : Unapei mission

The French association Unapei (a national union of associations for parents and friends of people with mental disabilities), being aware that accessibility still mainly means the elimination of architectural barriers, decided to commit itself to the topic of accessibility for people with mental disabilities.

Making use of a Manifesto, Unapei and the association members claim a society where people with mental disabilities can have access, as every citizen, to information, education, training, work, accommodation, means of transport, activities for free time, sport, culture, health services, etc.


logo del Pittogramma S3AA new symbol for a new society

The first step taken by Unapei was the creation of the pictogram S3A, a symbol of welcome, support and accessibility.

The pictogram was conceived in order to allow people to easily identify places, services and products accessible to people with mental disabilities.

Unapei started with this symbol and then launched a project with two goals:

– increasing everyone’s awareness about the specific needs of people with mental disabilities

– ensuring a humane support and the use of targeted techniques to foster accessibility

That is the A.A.A. project from which SuperMAN drew its inspiration.

The“A.A.A.” project – Welcome, Support and Accessibility

The “A.A.A. project – Accoglienza, Accompagnamento e Accessibilità (Welcome, Support and Accessibility)“ includes an awareness, information and vocational training for the staff of the facilities that want to commit themselves for a society accessible to people with mental disabilities.cassa prioritaria in un supermercato E.Leclerc

The Unapei training centre offers ad hoc courses, at end of which the symbol of accessibility S3A is granted.

Unapei and the member associations, among which Les Papillons Blancs from Bergerac, started in 2007 an experiment in the E.Leclerc supermarkets. They were the first supermarkets to insert in their quality certification tangible actions to promote the access of people with mental disabilities.

Now in France there are nearly 200 E.Leclerc sales points which have received the symbol of accessibility S3A and more than 500 people of E.Leclerc staff who have completed the training.

In the E.Leclerc supermarkets, the symbol S3A is displayed in the info point at the entry, in a priority checkout counter and in the badge or in the identity card of the staff who has been properly trained.

In the picture: priority checkout counter in a E.Leclerc supermarket

One thing…..leads to another

The “A.A.A.” project led to other collaborations between Unapei and the E.Leclerc group, like the selling of products manufactured in the centres for work integration (ESAT), and the job inclusion in the supermarket of people with mental disabilities.

After this experiment was carried out in the E.Leclerc supermarkets, in France the project entered in the phase of transfer to other sectors for public use.

The social Co-operative Kara Bobowksi learnt about the project thanks to the strong collaboration it has with Les Papillons Blancs association, which is an Unapei member, and it immediately shared the aims of the project.

From here the idea was conceived to transfer this experience in Italy and in Germany with the SuperMAN project.

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