Cooperativa Sociale Kara Bobowski

Promoter and coordinator of the SuperMAN project

Logo Kara BobowskiIt was formed in Modigliana in 1992 thanks to the initiative of some women who were members of the Voluntary Association GAD (Parents and Friends of the Disabled). Kara Bobowski manages socio-assistential and educational services for children and adults with disabilities, employment activities for disadvantaged young people and support services for parents. It is a not-for-profit organisation enrolled into the register of the Social Co-operatives of the Emilia Romagna Region and it employs 31 people, mainly young women.

Since 1998 Kara Bobowski is active in the framework of the European Programmes with initiatives like the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the Leonardo da Vinci internships, youth exchanges and the senior volunteering projects.

Its great asset is the diversification of the services and the permanent search for opportunities for the individuals and the community through knowledge, information, creation of networks, lifelong learning and inclusion.

 For further information visit the website of Kara BobowskiPulsante pagina Facebook di Kara BobowskiPulsante pagina Twitter di Kara Bobowski

Les Papillons Blancs

Logo associazione Les Papillons BlancsIt is a French not-for-profit organization founded in 1964 in Bergerac by the parents and friends of people with mental disabilities. It is a member of the national association Unapei (a national union of associations for parents and friends of people with mental disabilities). Les Papillons Blancs offers educational, moral and material support to people with disabilities and to their families. Among the tools they use there are training, work integration and European mobility.

Les Papillons Blancs is a centre for excellence in France in the sector of the services for people with mental disabilities. The collaboration with the Co-operative Kara Bobowski started in 2004 thanks to some Leonardo da Vinci projects (professional internships and exchange of professionals) and went on continuously thanks to other initiatives started within the framework of some European projects:

– Exchange of young people with disabilities

– Study visits

Senior volunteering projects

 For further information visit the website of Les Papillons Blancs

Commercianti Indipendenti Associati (Associated Independent Retailers) – Associated Cooperative Society CONAD

Logo Commercianti Indipendenti Associati - Conad

It is one of the cooperatives which founded the Conad Consortium. It counts more than €750m of wholesales and more than €1.100m retail sales, and plays a key role in the food distribution within


the Conad and at a national level.

Associated Independent Retailers is the retailers’cooperative active in the area of the Romagna, Marche and Friuli-Veneto with more than 215 selling points divided into 4 distribution channels:

– Hypermarkets E. Leclerc Conad

– Superstore Conad

– Supermarkets Conad

– Small supermarkets with the Conad City sign

For more information visit the website of the Cooperative

Bupnet (Bildung und Projeket Netzwerk GmbH)

Logo BupnetBupnet is a German body founded in 1985 and deals with adults training. Its mission is the promotion of innovation in the educational and vocational system. It organized with success several training courses in different sectors (social, health-care, e-Commerce, tourism, on economic and intercultural topics) both within European programmes and with national funds. At a local, national and European level Bupnet developed important projects in the social and health-care sectors, paying particular attention to disadvantages categories. Since 1997 Bupnet has gained great experience in European projects on education, training and E-learning and acquired excellent knowledge regarding the strong and weak points, the opportunities and the limits of the new learning methods, especially those aimed at informal groups.

For further information visit Bupnet website

Landkreis Kassel

Stemma Landkreis Kassel

The Landkreis Kassel is one of three governmental districts of the Hesse region and it is twinned with the Emilia Romagna region.

Since 1997 it has started a partnership with the Forlì Cesena Province. Few cooperation initiatives have been carried out together with the Social Co-operative Kara Bobowki: in 2006, the Landkreis Kassel was the host partner in the framework of an exchange of professionals within a Leonardo da Vinci project. The event, coordinated by Kara Bobowski, dealt with the topic accessibility, design for all and security in sensitive infrastructures. After the exchange in Kassel, in March 2009 a study visit of German and Romanian professionals on the same topics took place in Forlì. In 2001 the Landkreis Kassel welcomed five young trainees in the framework of the Leonardo project “YOUrope” promoted by the Co-operative Kara Bobowski.

For further information visit the website of the Landkreis Kassel

Forlì City Council – Welfare Policy Department

Stemma Comune di Forlì

The Welfare Policy Department of the City Council of Forlì hosts the director’s office of the Programme Agreement for the shared management of the social and health-care services in the area of Forlì.

The Social Plan Zone, which lasts three years, allows the 15 municipalities of the area of Forlì, the Local Health Authority of Forlì and the Forlì-Cesena Province to plan the services for families, children, young people, adults with difficulties, people with disabilities and the elderly. The Social Plan Zone in its actions gives priority to the values of each person, to everyone’s rights, to individual and collective responsibility, by guaranteeing equity, participation and subsidiarity. Third sector organizations (associations, voluntary organizations and social cooperatives) take part in an active way in the planning and management of the services.

 For further information visit the website of the City Council of Forlì

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