The steps of SuperMAN


The SuperMAN project has provided for the transfer and the promotion of a French experience started in 2007 in Italy and in Germany.

SuperMAN lasted two years, from October 2011 to September 2013.

The planned activities were divided into four main steps:

1. start

– first coordination meeting of all partners taking place in France

– project launch (local and sector-specific press, creation of a website)

– analysis of the Italian and German context (laws regarding accessibility, already undergoing initiatives and good practices)

– coordination meeting with the involvement of organizations and bodies interested in the topic of accessibility for people with mental disabilities.

2. adaptation of the formative French material to the Italian and German contexts

3. experimentation

– start of the training process for the staff of the Italian and German supermarkets taking part in the project

– evaluation of the acquired competencies though the European system Level 5 under the supervision of the German organization Bupnet

– issuing the accessibility symbol S3A to the supermarkets

  For further information on the certification system of Level 5

4. evaluation

– of the training experience

– of the impact of the project (final conferences in Italy and in Germany and preparation of a publication on the project)


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SuperMAN project

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